Meetings & Events

General Plan Advisory Committee

The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) is an ad hoc committee established by the Campbell City Council for purposes of the General Plan update. The GPAC will serve as one of the primary channels for the community to make recommendations to the City Council regarding goals and policies that should be included in the updated Campbell General Plan.
The following individuals are currently serving as GPAC members:

• Michael Bangs
• Chris Bracher
• Barry Shilman
• Kirk Heinrichs
• Nick Gamino
• Gerry Uenaka
• Joe Hernandez
• Jimmy Zien
• Sarah Landry
• Jo-Ann Fairbanks
• Jim Moffett
• Sheldon Ah Sing
• Navneet Rao
• Cassandra Bowers
• Julianna Martin
• Vikki Essert

Upcoming Meetings

City Council

All City Council meetings will be held at City Hall, Council Chamber – 70 N. First Street. 

  • City Council Land Use Map Study Session - Monday, June 18th, 2-5pm
    The City Council will hold a special study session to discuss possible revisions to the General Plan Land Use Map.  Opportunities for public input will be provided.

General Plan Advisory Committee

All General Plan Advisory Committee meetings will start at 6pm in the Orchard City Banquet Hall (located at the Campbell Community Center, 1 W. Campbell Avenue, Campbell, California)

  • • None scheduled at this time


Planning Commission

  • • None scheduled at this time.

Past Meetings

City Council