Welcome to the Envision Campbell website. This website provides up-to-date information on the Envision Campbell General Plan Update process.  Background information, meetings materials, and documents prepared for the Envision Campbell General Plan Update are available for review on this website.

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The GPAC is a group of Campbell residents and business owners appointed by the City Council to help guide the General Plan Update process and provide detailed input as goals, policies, and programs are developed.  The GPAC meets once per month, and meetings are open to the public.  Information and materials from past and pending GPAC meetings can be found on the Meetings and Events page.

GPAC Meeting #17. October 28th, 2019 at 6pm

Campbell Community Center, Room Q-80, located at the Campbell Community Center, 1 W. Campbell Avenue. Topic is Land Use and Community Design Policy and Map Review.

Community Workshops Summary Report

As part of the City’s ongoing General Plan update efforts, the City Council directed that a concerted effort be made to engage members of the community at this stage of the process in order to gather public input and direction regarding key issues related to Campbell’s future growth patterns and community priorities. 


As a result of this Council direction, the project team conducted five public workshops and published an interactive online survey and Story Map in order to gather community input on key project issues. 


This report (pdf) summarizes the public participation and input received during the General Plan Update outreach activities conducted from January 22, 2018 through March 22, 2018.  

The following appendices provide the detailed data, maps, and survey responses collected as part of this outreach effort.  


Appendix A- "Raw Data" responses from the Vision, Assets, and Challenges activity conducted during the five Community Workshops. Download (pdf)

Appendix B- "Raw Data" response forms from the Land Use Mapping Concepts activity conducted during the five Community Workshops. Download (pdf)

Appendix C- "Raw Data" base maps completed by workshop participants during the five Community Workshops. Download (pdf)

Appendix D- Detailed results and responses collected from the Online Survey and "Story Map."  Download (pdf)


Land Use Alternatives Report

The Land Use Alternatives Report (pdf) provides the City with a resource tool to examine different possible approaches to accommodate future development, economic growth, maintain fiscal sustainability, and ensure adequate protection of resources and open space.


Newsletter #2, Jan 2018

Read Newsletter #2 for (pdf) the Envision Campbell General Plan Update.


Newsletter #1, Aug 2016

Read Newsletter #1 (pdf) the Envision Campbell General Plan Update.


Issues and Opportunities Report

The Issues and Opportunities Report provides a means of focusing the community’s attention on key issues and opportunities that have major policy implications as Campbell considers how to accommodate growth over the next 20-30 years, while balancing the city’s economic development, sustainability, cultural and community identity, and natural resource needs.

This Issues and Opportunities Report includes a summary of the input received from the community during the initial stages of the General Plan Update. Community surveying and initial GPAC meetings at the outset of the General Plan Update process provided extensive input that will be used to help guide the General Plan Update, and identify community priorities, values, and focus areas for the General Plan Update.


The City anticipates that the Issues and Opportunities Report will stimulate discussion and lead to confirmation and selection of courses of action to be reflected in the Policy Document, which will be prepared in collaboration with the General Plan Advisory Committee.  The report purposely does not reach conclusions or suggest the manner in which the City should proceed in the development of the General Plan. Rather, it provides a forum to facilitate discussion on important issues.


Public Survey Results

The Campbell General Plan Update online survey was developed through Peak Democracy and was available through the General Plan Update website
(campbell.generalplan.org), and the City’s Envision Campbell Forum. The Survey was developed to pose questions, and to gather details regarding City service levels, service needs, employment, and socioeconomic community priorities. From September 8, 2016 to November 30, 2016 the survey was completed or partially completed by 161 people and included approximately 8 Hours of Public Comment. See the survey results here


Campbell Community Profile

To prepare a meaningful General Plan, existing conditions must be understood and documented. This Community Profile (pdf) summarizes key development patterns, natural resources, socioeconomic conditions, and environmental constraints in the city that must be considered when charting the course for Campbell’s future.


Existing Conditions Report - January 2017

The Existing Conditions Report (pdf) takes a "snapshot" of Campbell's current (2017) trends and conditions. It provides a detailed description of a wide range of topics within the city, such as demographic and economic conditions, land use, public facilities, and environmental resources. The Existing Conditions Report provides decision-makers, the public, and local agencies with context for making policy decisions.